School of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs

Faculty Sabbatical Compensation

TO: Department Chairs, School of Medicine
FROM: Arthur S. Levine, M.D.
DATE: October 27, 2000
SUBJECT: Sabbatical Leave

Recently, there have been some question concerning the compensation that is to be paid to tenured faculty that have been granted a sabbatical leave. In accordance with University policy, “sabbatical leaves may be approved for either a full appointment year at one-half salary, or one-half the appointment year at full salary.” For sabbatical leaves, full salary is the faculty member’s University base salary, which does not include any supplemental pay or incentive pay. Faculty who are members of University of Pittsburgh Physicians (UPP), can also apply for an Educational Leave of Absence from UPP in accordance with UPP policy and may also receive UPP base salary payments.

Also, please note that the department is responsible for funding sabbatical leaves in the School of Medicine.

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